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View the discussion thread. And we know that we’re in good hands in the first few seconds of the terrifying opening scene, one that features Future Walt for the first time since the opening scene of season 5 premiere Live Free Or Die. The remaining seven episodes of this terrific and one-of-a-kind series promises to be a long, rich, and fitting descent into hell. The episode received widespread critical acclaim, with extensive praise for Dean Norris and Bryan Cranston ‘s performances. Finally, there’s the episode’s flash-forward opening. Panel Discussion with Vince Gilligan: Eventually, Jesse is reduced to driving aimlessly around, tossing balls of money into the streets, hoping, perhaps, that someone might happen upon some of the cash and get something cleansing or redemptive or useful out of it. But then Walt balks at Hank’s one condition, to move the kids out of the house, which leads to a disbelieving Hank wondering aloud who it is he’s talking to.

Contents [ show ]. Meanings of the title names of every episode. And then there’s Hank. Hank doesn’t flinch, vowing to put Walt in prison. Technically it’s as sublime as always the episode is directed by no less that Bryan Cranston himself , and Cranston, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris have built their characters so carefully over the past five seasons that they’re all capable of conveying their characters’ innermost thoughts without so much as moving their heads. A gaunt, bearded Walt Bryan Cranston climbs out of the car and opens the trunk, revealing the huge gun he purchased at the beginning of the season. Walt tells Hank that he would have difficulty proving he is Heisenberg, and even if he did his cancer will probably kill him before he can be jailed. Walt refuses to help his “former business associate”, but you get the feeling that she’s not going to take no for an answer, even if Skyler does chase her off the property.

While sitting in the waiting room, he grows tired of waiting and lights up a joint. That’s the story he’s sticking to, and Jesse better breaking bad season 5 blood money full episode on board with it.

In the present, Hank emerges from the bathroom holding Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass. Both men have spent the last few years deluded into thinking that the other is not a threat, but blpod they face each other in the garage at the end of Blood Money, they see each other’s true faces for the first time.

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His cancer is back. A lesser show might drag the showdown between Hank and Walt out for another few bliod, but it’s right here — hopefully the first of many loose ends that we’ll start to see being tied up in this final stretch. Walter takes episoed call while taking a course of chemotherapy and tells him to hang on to the money, adding that “[he]’ll handle it.

You bombed a nursing home.

So, just as it’s taken Hank five seasons to work out that his mild-mannered brother-in-law is in fact the criminal mastermind he’s been chasing, it takes Walt just a night to realise that Hank is on to him.

She wants him to return for at least a few days and improve the operation. Later, the Whites are eating dinner at home when Walt excuses himself from dinner and rushes to the bathroom to vomit.

Breaking Bad season 5. As ever in Breaking Bad, what’s great is how we get to see a character’s thought processes working breakung front of us. He continues to search for the book all about the house. Instead, we get an indication of how fast these final episodes are likely to be moving, as one of TV’s great tortoise and hare chases draws up to the finish line.

Failing to complete those transactions, he presses a huge wad of cash into the hands of a homeless beggar who shoots the flailing young man a doubting look that encapsulates the doomed futility that hangs breaking bad season 5 blood money full episode swason entire episode.

Breaking Bad recap: season five, episode nine – Blood Money

Hank assures them that he’s fine. A picture of Gale’s corpse.

Retrieved August 18, As we get closer to the finale, and the sense of impending doom grows, we learn some useful lessons in brand awareness. Luckily, no one is hurt.

A photo mosaic of items at Combo ‘s murder. At the car wash, Walt suggests to Skyler that they open a second location to speed up the money-laundering process.

He inadvertently peers above the toilet and notices his copy of Leaves of Grass has gone missing. As he stands back up Hank pins him against the garage door and growls breakihg was you!

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VOD Watch episodes on demand through your local cable provider. Looking up, Walt notices that Leaves of Grass is missing. In a characteristically clever bit of misdirection, the final scene plays out tentatively at first, as if it will mark the beginning of a duel sexson Hank and Walt which will see them circle each other well into the next few bllod.

Trash and graffiti are everywhere; a group of teenagers skateboard in the empty backyard pool.

For example, in one scene of The Godfatherafter Vito Corleone Marlon Brando is shot, he drops a bag of oranges, which subsequently roll across the ground. He also praised the acting.

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And you can see Walt’s pride, his ego, his recklessness kicking in as he turns back for “one last thing” like an evil Steve Jobs: A portrait of Duane Chowand a photo of his corpse. He grabs fulll tire iron from the trunk and enters the house. But of course that doesn’t make sense braking while Dean Norris, Bryan Cranston and Walter White are all brilliant actors, Hank Schrader isn’t, and almost as soon as Walt enters and sees Hank’s demeanour it’s clear that the two men are finally on the same page.

Whispers already began as early as the third season that the quality of Breaking Bad was such that it could start to potentially be mentioned alongside the all time great cable dramas like The Sopranos and The Wire.

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