20 Jul 2018

Retrieved October 3, Viewership of the second season was many times higher than season one. That, though, seems unlikely, given how rubbish the front page picture was. Feng requests approval to build the bridge as a consolation for losing his refinery deal with Tusk. He meets with Lanigan and Tusk, who offers to discontinue Republican funding in exchange for reconciliation with Walker. House of Cards returns for more political dirty deeds”. Any psephological data on this? Except at the event, a distraught Megan starts having a panic attack.

To back up a bit: House of Cards U. The story must be told. The timing of this could not be worse for Claire because: Walker consults the White House Counsel but eventually appoints a special prosecutor to clear the White House of involvement. Chief Whitehall, the leader of the Ugaya tribe, wants to be nationally recognized.

Contents [ show ]. Retrieved September 10, Retrieved May 27, Remy tries to pressure Jackie to falsely implicate Frank in the scandal, but she refuses to be manipulated. Frank kicks some dirt on Linda’s grave, and continues to work the president over, in a subtle way.

House of Cards recap: season two, episode eight – ‘You’re nothing. You’re a parasite’

Claire attempts to console Megan but is pushed away. Then you lay them all out and try to make them come alive as a character who’s complex and surprising, maybe even to yourself”. Meanwhile, Remy is probably keeping the House of cards season 2 episode 8 recap thing going until he can score a really juicy, damning piece of information about Frank.

Does he ever do any actual, legitimate government work? Frank meets Tusk at Freddy’s barbecue joint and tells him that their hous are no longer aligned. Rachel lets Doug know about the new ward. Back in Washington, Frank meets with Linda, trying to convince her to convince the president to approve the plan for the bridge that Feng demanded.

House of Cards Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Top 5 Highlights

It’s a delicious immorality play with an excellent cast, but the tempo is slow and oddly ponderous—a romp slowed down to a dirge”. Frank clashes with Linda over the bridge proposal, resulting in her resignation. Jackie in turn derides Claire, who then withdraws the bill, destroying Megan’s composure.

Netflix had ordered two seasons of 13 episodes when it made its original commitment to the series in He makes a visit to President Walker and goes on and on about how the president promised in his campaign to promote critical infrastructures.

In early episodes Frank vanquishes reporters czrds the trail of a murder he committed in the previous season.

It could be that just as victims of tragedy find it hard to accept that their suffering is seasson and purposeless, voters find it intolerable that so many of the petty, shortsighted moves by elected officials carss no greater meaning than small-time expediency. House chamber as U. Whereas critics had been somewhat split on the propriety of binge-watching the first season, they were more supportive of the practice for season two.

Strong Baltimore flavor to nominees for top awards”. If that’s house of cards season 2 episode 8 recap she believes, no wonder they need couple counselling.

So of course she stepped oof. We’re not going to be actors. Interviewed alone, Claire is pressured into revealing she once had an abortion, and then lies that the pregnancy was a result of her much earlier rape by McGinnis. Claire soon learns that Trisha and the President are having marital issues and offers her a referral to a discrete marriage counselor.

Doug permits Rachel to allow Lisa to stay with her. Her account is supported by a woman who claims she also was assaulted by him in the Marines. Or maybe it could be that nice ex-White House chief of staff Linda Vasquez who Frank drove to resignation, getting fecap payback on the Underwoods. Verne Gay of Newsday notes that “Spacey’s Underwood is even more sinuous, more complex, more treacherous and so—as a result—is the deeply pleasurable show that surrounds him.

Latest News from Cars house of cards season 2 episode 8 recap Oh, this guy has it bad. Retrieved October 13, Linda stops by Frank’s office to wish him farewell on her way out. Next thing we know, Claire and Frank get a call from Seth: Xander Feng has agreed to stop giving the Republicans money for seasoj attack ads if Frank reinstates the Port Jefferson Houss project.

Retrieved February 10, Imagine if you were a limey lothario of a snapper and perhaps you are: She sends Doug a text to let him know that she has company.

‘House of Cards’ recap, Season 2, Episode 8 – Baltimore Sun

Jackie strengthens her race for House Majority Whip, eventually destroying her mentor’s career in order to secure the position. So, as Frank and Claire sit painting some of Frank’s models, they’re alerted that photos of Claire taken by Adam Galloway, and rumors of their affair, have hit the press. Frank and Linda clash over the bridge proposal, which leads to an argument and Linda’s subsequent resignation, house of cards season 2 episode 8 recap Walker recaap up committing to Frank’s bridge deal and to marriage counseling with Tricia.

Where do you go when you want to dig up dirt on your enemies Frank and House of cards season 2 episode 8 recap Underwood? The story must be told. The Telegraph reporter, Ayla Sayyad, who has seasonn following the money trail, continues to put the pieces together on her own, and while several steps behind, she seasno Grayson about a potential link between Frank and Tusk, while Frank is in Missouri to meet with Lanagin, Tusk’s casino friend.