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Ryoko Usami as Girl ep 9. Kisara disagrees as she chooses to use martial arts to become stronger rather than rely on a weapon to gain strength. Juan Carlos Tinoco as Sakaki Shio. With help from the Elder Siegfried joins the battle just in time to help the weakened Tanimoto. Junko Minagawa as Shiratori. This season’s Kaiji spinoff Mr.

Just as Odin sacrificed an eye to gain the ability to see everything, by taking off his glasses he becomes near-sighted and able to use an incredibly difficult Inner Eye technique allowing him to perfectly predict exactly where Kenichi will strike next. After his defeat has been revealed to everyone, he is constantly chased around by school delinquents. Brandon Tyler eps The summer anime season has begun, and we’re reviewing every new anime of the season. August 6—14 Aug 14, Oda Nobuna is sort of like that, well, with a kid entering a different world and meeting a girl. Honoka’s crying reminds Tanimoto of when his sister finally died and he rushes to defend Honoka by knocking Number 20 unconscious, though he is stabbed in the process.

This shocks everybody as the Elder has never before trained a disciple, not even the other masters. Kisara and Miu punish Kenichi together. Miki Itou as Valkyrie. Niijima and Shinpaku Alliance meet Ragnarok member Loki at a restaurant but find themselves outnumbered. Eventually Kenichi fights Tsukuba again, and this time emerges victorious by combining kenihci techniques of all his masters into one fighting style.

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Kyle Hebert as Tsukuba. Kate Oxley as Renka Ma. Miu goes to Kenichi’s room to apologise but ends up angry Renka is already there. Ukita regains consciousness and drags both of them back up. Check out a mountain of headlines, premiere reports and cosplay galleries from the first three jam-packed days of Anime Expo ! Kenichi decides it is acceptable to attack as long as he fights with honour. The masters consider his returning alive to be a huge success. Kenichi the mightiest disciple season 1 episode 17 english dub skilfully uses her rice spoon to destroy the Valkyrie’s weapons and clothes.

Last edited by Lolwhowtfs; at He easily knocks out Ukita with a Muay Thai move before fighting Takeda who insists they fight using the kkenichi of a boxing match. Before they can fight again they are interrupted by Loki who is holding Honoka hostage on the church roof.

Kenichi wants to know how strong he really is. Tanimoto manages to hit Berserker, who is happy to kenichi the mightiest disciple season 1 episode 17 english dub have a real challenge. The Rules of kennichi Real Fight!

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At first they are unusually nice to Kenichi who quickly becomes suspicious. Kenichi fights Ryuto but he is on a completely different level and knocks Kenichi down without touching him. They are attacked by two disciples of Yami sent to kill Kenichi. Antonio Galvez as Apachai.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episode 17 English Dubbed

August 6—14 Aug 14, Miu and Kenichi defeat the disciples. Kenichi’s fight with Radin Tidat Jihan continues who fights dirty and aims to kill and lets his subordinates step in every time he is at a disadvantage, luckily Natsu Tanimoto and Haruo Niijima show up the moment Miu is discovered and Kenichi is to die.

Niijima informs Kenichi about Ragnarok member Siegfried, also known as the Immortal Composer, who always recovers from any damage he receives and composes music using his fights as inspiration. Gabriel Ortiz as Kenichi.

Miu knocks out Kisara. Jose Luis Orozco as Mototsugu Shirahama.

Tomoe Sakuragawa as Honoka Shirahama Mother ep Kenichi is sad he didn’t manage to become friends dbu Odin again, but is happy he still has his other friends at Ryozanpaku Dojo and Shinpaku Alliance. July 9—15 Jul 15, After Kenichi gives a heartfelt speech about his reasons for learning martial arts, Akisame decides to start teaching him martial arts techniques.

Jerry Jewell as Ryuto “Odin” Asamiya. All Might’s stalwart role as a beloved hero for U.

Apachai believes the Muay Thai fighting style will be most useful against a boxer, and the training begins. Kenichi, Takeda and Ukita realise they all received the same anonymous love letter. Even Akisame only wins by a single point, which shocks everybody who had no idea Apachai was a master of Othello. Originally Posted by Lolwhowtfs. Kenichi is carried by the Elder kenichi the mightiest disciple season 1 episode 17 english dub at superhuman speed along the top of electrical wires to get there in time.

Niijima is convinced there is more to Tanimoto than meets the eye. Kenichi also learns how the dojo makes money, first by charging their challengers money to take part in fights, and then charging them enblish second time for treatment at Akisame and Kensei’s medical clinic.