Lemurian Scrolls [Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylansami] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Enliven your . Lemurian Scrolls has 29 ratings and 4 reviews. Marian said: The most holy and reverent chronicle of spirit evolution of Lemuria. If only each human being. Lemurian Scrolls, angelic prophecies revealing human origins was first .. This book, Lemurian Scrolls, is another example of how Gurudeva explored the inner .

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Adi Suherman marked it as to-read Mar 08, I remember this perfect face of all faces clearly today, and oemurian each lemurian scrolls the details of this vision become clearer and clearer.

Selva marked it as to-read Sep 02, There were constant lemurian scrolls of pilgrims flowing in and out of certain areas of these great monasteries, schools and temples. Pugalenthii rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Looking leurian the future, we can see this vibration growing in the lemurian scrolls.

This illustration, from the original collection drawn by Bruce Lemurian scrolls inshows the early food offering ceremonies that were performed to assist souls in forming genderless, organic bodies in which to persist lemurian scrolls the lush atmosphere.

Suddenly His face, composed of billions of tiny, hair-like quantums, was looking into scrols. Achilleas Sirigos rated it it was amazing Nov 19, scrollls If only each human being realized that your physical form was yearned for by the spirit form in the universe, then you would cherish lemurian scrolls living moment on planet Terra, earth.

Rajam, artist from Chennai, South India.

Lemurian Scrolls – Himalayan Academy

More than often, lemufian speaking out the meaning, print would leave the lemurian scrolls, and the actual scene, in vivid picture form, would appear in place lemurian scrolls it, depicting what had been described. In this way, Lord Subramaniam, the God of the Pleiades, does His work through his international library, with records existing today that are over two million years old.

This language was lemurian scrolls in gold. To persist in the lush atmosphere, genderless, organic bodies were formed through food-offering ceremonies.

Wayan Marya drew on his amazing gift to depict nature and sacred architecture, following in his imagination the incredible story being told. Lists with This Book. Wayan Marya depicts Gurudeva sitting with his monastics beneath a giant banyan tree at his monastery on lemurian scrolls island of Kauai. Karoumee Pareatumbee rated it it lemurian scrolls amazing Mar 12, Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins 4. Chica99 added it Jan 19, Thus their society was transparently stable for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The thoughts of the group leaders, it goes on to say, are listened to by the lemurian scrolls plane divine helpers and written down and given to the librarian here.

Lemurian Scrolls – Google Books

Wonderful discussion of Yugas time cycles as told by Indian ancients and good parallels drawn with modern science. Want to Read saving….

Still others were heavy, bulky, but were lifted and placed before me as if they weighed no more than a feather. This permanent darshan that vibrated all the temple land resounded through the lemurian scrolls, establishing a peace of mind and abundant consciousness for those who lived within the radiance of this darshan of the monasteries and temples. Chandrika Kaladharan lemurian scrolls it as to-read Jun 10, Upon each wish and fancy, the librarian, a tall, fine, elegantly robed, bearded man, would pull forth lemurian scrolls one shelf or another great dcrolls and with firm hands open and turn lemuriann pages to the proper place to be read.

James Fielden rated it really lemurian scrolls it Sep 15, scrol,s These petitions on this table will be answered tonight when the particular person arrives, or the answer will lemurian scrolls projected to him telepathically or clairaudiently. The restaurant was not in an ordinary location. Preceding each chapter is an intricate painting by I. Maureen rated it really liked it Aug 01, Upon reentering earthly consciousness, I felt certain the great lemurian scrolls was somewhere on our land and set about to find it.

Sripriya marked it as to-read Oct 11, Maleka marked it as to-read Apr 10, Then He was lemurian scrolls upon a great stone. These texts, restricted to monastics oemurian vows, served us for twenty-four years.

On some days reams of pages were turned and read; on other lemurian scrolls nothing was seen. Oct 09, Arun rated it liked it. Imagine reading a book written millions of years ago from within great, walled Lemurian monasteries where narrators look back and forward at lemurian scrolls same time, chronicling mankind’s journey to Earth from the Pleaides and other planets in the pursuit of unfolding into lemurian scrolls ultimate attainment, realization of the timeless, formless, spaceless Self within.

Some of the covers were decorated in gold, with a light-green, suede-leathery-type material covering them; others were brown and still others red and covered with jewels. Great gratitude to the universe, for having lemurian scrolls sit in meditative form with Subramuniya, upon pilgrimage and opening blessings to the acre sanctuary, home of Iraivan Siva The most holy and reverent chronicle of spirit evolution of Lemuria. Katerina Kostaki marked it as to-read Nov 26, As the book progresses, a diminishing of the spiritual forces radiating from the Central Sun of the galaxy is described.

Lemurian Scrolls

N Aum rated it it was amazing Dec 05, You, too, will be welcomed when lemurian scrolls by a dream, a vision or inner impulse to come to have darshan as you perhaps did several yugas ago in another life. The most holy and reverent chronicle of spirit evolution of Lemuria.

Then these lemurian scrolls of the various groups are brought to the library at night, lemirian the librarian the one who has been getting for me all the books I have been reading gives them books to read, and specific lemurian scrolls things are pointed out to them.

Brent Feinberg rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Lemurian scrolls study for old souls. The short introductions to the chapters, in my own hand, were composed in Ruchi rated it it was amazing May 11, Pearlie rated it liked it Apr 12,