27 Jul 2018

It wouldn’t be a Hong Sisters drama if it wasn’t there. As can be seen from comment 1. And then, another interruption on her road to Disappearance Town—Grandpa and Aunt Min-sook pull up next to her, and Grandpa apologizes for the misunderstanding and tells her to get in the car. All they have to do as extras is eat meat—the perfect job for Mi-ho. Dong-joo warns Mi-ho that her second death is coming. Evangeline September 16, at I don’t really mind cuz I find that this kind of female second lead is the more dynamic in the sisters’ dramas.

Dae-woong steps out from behind it, and asks why she threw it away. Hye-in reminds me a lot of Chae-rin from Delightful Girl. Great recap, never laughed so hard over a recap! I thought he’s not human at all.. What we’re watching by DB Staff. Oh, pleeeaaase, not one of those Hong Gil Dong shows! Why are you in my head?

I love this Drama!! Ariel September 9, at 6: It’s ‘Look at Me’ sung by Park Hong.

Meta Name That Drama: Osi September 9, at 6: That is, until one of them gets up to talk to her. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer drramabeans elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. September 24, at 9: Dong-joo looks pained, while Hye-in just looks pissed.

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 13 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I’m desperately looking for a twist He pretends to be hurt so that Dae-woong will come close, and then he whammies him unconscious. On the upside, I enjoy how Dae-woong stands up to the adults all episode, but particular in the first scene. Mi-ho is a girlfrifnd magical being.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. She would never have put Dae-woong at that kind of risk if she knew beforehand.

First she wants to marry the whole Show, and now she claims the boy. Why am I not surprised? What’s Wrong My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox episode 7 dramabeans Secretary Kim: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. I think I’m loving the Hong sisters more and more. Noypi August 26, at I hate the angst.

Maybe the humans spread rumors abt the gumiho, drakabeans because the gumiho’s beauty is attracting the men away, but because the gumiho makes them see themselves for the selfish people they are.

I looooovvveeeeddd Autumn’s Concerto it was so gooodddd. Gotta watch this episode asap! There’s never anything other than him explaining and Miho asking. Rival stars and unplanned lovelines. Treep September 17, at 9: He says it will, and moves it, thinking nothing my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox episode 7 dramabeans her question. Hye-in enters behind him, and when he looks back at her, Mi-ho jumps off the ledge and disappears.

Totally different from other dramas where issues get gorlfriend on and on. Javabeans September 16, at It just cannot happen! She apologizes that he has to lie because of her. My money is on Mi-Ho Thousands of women around the world call in sick to cry their eyeballs out at home.

I had thought that they had done that already, but they topped themselves. It’s lazy writing when writers drag out nine-taile misunderstanding that could be resolved gkrlfriend the characters literally had 5 seconds to say something to put the issue on the table or clear it up.

Seriously, the Hong sisters are killing me. Oh wow, I cant believe how incredibly fast you wrote this recap, I havent even seen this episode yet!

She tests his memory, asking what they were running from when they met, and what he called her. He will want to protect Dae-woong until the th day, and then remove the bead kill Dae-woong so Mi-ho can live.