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The spirit of the library, Wan Shi Tong, refuses to allow them to leave with the knowledge and sinks the library into the sand. March 5, [41] [42]. The Ember Island Players. The Old Masters “. Aang and the rest of the group arrive in Ba Sing Se to find Appa and inform the Earth King about the solar eclipse, but they are constantly hindered by their tour guide, Joo Dee. Archived from the original on September 13, The Boiling Rock, Part 2. Archived from the original on August 1,

Retrieved September 12, July 5, [32]. Archived from the original on October 9, Elsewhere, Azula and her cohorts infiltrate the city, disguised as the Kyoshi warriors. Retrieved September 6, These releases began on February 19, ; [17] each DVD was released months after the original release. The Phoenix King “. He later unwillingly enters a fight with a Boarcupine, and wins but is badly wounded.

But she cannot become Aang’s teacher due to her wealthy and overprotective parents. They begin to see unique illusions in the swamp: Elsewhere, Jet repeatedly tries and fails the avatar the last airbender episode 1 book 2 gather evidence that Zuko and Iroh are firebenders. The Last Airbender Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes. The Last Airbender video game soundtrack Zuko’s Story.

Retrieved July 7, The first season had five DVD sets, each containing four episodes. Iroh reluctantly accompanies Zuko to Azula’s ship where a Fire guard accidentally utters that Azula’s summons is a ruse in order to imprison Zuko and Iroh. They manage to escape but are forced to become outcasts because of Iroh’s treacherous saving of the Moon Spirit at the North Pole, and Zuko’s failure to capture the Avatar.

March 31, [18].

1 The Avatar State

Each “Book” takes its name from one of the elements that Aangthe protagonist, must master: After finding important information concerning the war with the Fire NationAppa ends up kidnapped. Avatxr reveals his identity and is arrested and put on trial for his crimes. Song, a young and compassionate healer, shows Zuko the effects of war from a normal citizen’s perspective.

August 4, [33]. May 26, [21].

Aang nearly destroys the base in anger but is then told by Avatar Roku that bbook he is killed in his Avatar State the Avatar Spirit will cease to exist.

Sozin’s Comet, Part 4. While on the way to Omashu, Aang and the group meet a group of carefree traveling bards, who take them through a vast tunnel known as the Cave of Two Lovers.

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Now it’s up to Katara and Sokka to make sure Aang faces his destiny to save the tribe–and himself. Book 1 – Water Vol – 4″.

International Animated Film Society. Aang and the rest of the group arrive in Ba Sing Se to find Appa and inform the Earth King about the solar eclipse, but they are constantly hindered by their tour guide, Joo Dee.

The Boiling Rock, Part the avatar the last airbender episode 1 book 2. The season was produced by and aired airbendr Nickelodeonwhich is owned by Viacom. October 6, [14]. The group decides to go to Omashu alone.

The gang is stranded in the desert, helpless without Appa. The only exception to the release pattern was the teh DVD set of season three, which contained a sixth episode.

In this season, Aang and his friends Katara and Sokka are on a quest to find an Earthbending teacher which finishes when they recruit Toph Beifong. Retrieved April 28, That is Zhao’s final the avatar the last airbender episode 1 book 2 appearance in this series.

This page was last edited on 27 Juneat Did we mention he’s only 12? Finally he recalls his mother’s last words and the announcement that his grandfather airbendr and his mother has suddenly disappeared. Book 2 was released on Region 2 on July 20, Retrieved November 26, Agatar from the original on September 3, Retrieved October 28, But when the world needed him most, he disappeared.

Rich from DVD Talk says that “As a flat concept, Avatar the Last Airbender is nothing special, but in execution, it is head and shoulders above other children’s entertainment”, and th “as a whole, the look of Fpisode is consistently excellent”.

Archived from the original on 9 May The series starts with Aang being accidentally freed by Katara, a waterbender.

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But General Fong, inspired by Aang’s battle-determining actions during the Siege of the North, suggests that Aang defeat the Fire Lord and end the war immediately by triggering the Avatar State. In the meantime, Zuko and Iroh are visited by Zuko’s sister, Azulawho has come bearing a message from the Fire Lord, requesting their return home.

It’s here that a young Waterbender named Katara and her warrior brother Sokka rescue a strange boy named Aang from a cavernous iceberg. As they do so, the gang meet Jet again. The avatar the last airbender episode 1 book 2 September 2, Watch More Episodes You are signed in with: Fire ” Sozin’s Comet “.

For the video and audio quality, Powers says “Season two generally looks better than the bulk of season one, but still has some issues” concerning image sharpness.

Book Two: Earth

The Last Airbender Series”. Sozin’s Comet, Part 3. They are attacked by a giant sea serpent, but ward it off and make it across. Archived from the original on October 9, Interviewed by Aaron H.