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John Noble First episode: Alicia and Cary team up representing an old client to try to defend him against his former record label’s assertion of a song he wrote. Jackie discovers that Alicia is divorcing Peter. Freelance investigator Jason Crouse returns from California, and takes up work with both Diane and Alicia; helping Diane in arbitration attempting to prevent the defunding of a school newspaper, and in Alicia’s malpractice suit. Nobody put Will in his place like this character. Baker was always delightfully amusing, even when totally horrifying us. Alicia comes across a case where an African-American woman is wrongly accused of stealing from a clothing store. Christine Baranski Diane Lockhart.

Canning gives Alicia evidence that Pine is lying in revenge for his ending their affair but Peter denies the affair and orders his lawyers not to use Canning’s evidence. Diane, Cary, and David decide to hire three new associates, and face a contentious decision when faced with the choice of hiring a young African-American lawyer. Lucca cross examines Kurt anyway and imputes he had an affair with Holly Westfall, angering Diane. John Benjamin Hickey First episode: Eli happens to overhear the conversation between Alicia and Cary and schemes behind the Florrick family’s back in an attempt to annoy Ruth. Alicia is appointed to join a panel of lawyers and attorneys for the Pentagon to reach a legal justification for the targeted killing of an American civilian who recruits for ISIS. Retrieved October 6, Diane and Cary represent a client guest star Blair Underwood who is being accused of defamation after paying for a billboard ad that asserts a gun store ultimately is responsible for his daughter’s death, due to the former’s irresponsible business practices.

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She was a snake in the legal grass. A promotional advertisement for the series that aired during Super Bowl 50 announced that the seventh season would be its last. Kurt wants to sell his business to be closer to Diane and accepts an offer from his former star pupil, Holly Westfall Megan Hiltyand asks Diane to check the sale contract.

Season 7, Episode 2 Innocents.

Laura San Giacomo 5. Her fractured relationship with her daughter-in-law provided the show with some of its best domestic scenes. The no-nonsense Nyholm took no flak from anyone, even when she was nine months pregnant—which she frequently was. While at her house, Howard meets Jackie and begins a relationship with her.

Tom Alan Robbins Hank Wilson. Diane walks up to Alicia, slaps her, and walks away. Lucca encourages Alicia to talk to Jason. Retrieved December gkod, In her first day at bond court, she befriends a fellow attorney, Lucca Quinn Cush Jumbowho passes cases off to her as a favor.

Alicia comes across a case where an African-American woman is wrongly accused of stealing from a clothing store.

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Aware of his own demise as Governor, and before the jury can return a proper verdict, Peter agrees to a one-year probation plea deal with AUSA Connor Fox. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved January 12, John Benjamin Hickey First episode: Diane tries to lure more female lawyers in an attempt to expand the firm, but faces opposition from David Lee who threatens a sex discrimination suit.

Now go drink your milk. Retrieved March 30, Martha Plimpton First episode: Alicia is then left alone in a hallway seaason walking away to a future of uncertainty regarding her relationship with Jason, her career and political life. Retrieved February 23, Concerned about her investigator’s previous career as an attorney and subsequent disbarment, Alicia decides to investigate Jason’s history.

Margo Martindale First episode: Alicia attempts to revive her law career by working as a bond court attorney, representing indigent defendants and practicing privately. Ronnie Farer Vera Toll. List of The Good Wife episodes. Marissa, after finding out about Eli’s confession, urges Alicia to forgive Eli.

Seriously—where are you, Robyn? Laura Benati First episode: Alicia and Lucca lose the case only to be subject to a malpractice suit by the same client. He sesaon a deeply devoted dad and a savvy businessman, even as he continuously left murder and mayhem in his wake. Cote De Pablo 3.

With Peter’s presidential campaign over, Eli returns to become Peter’s Chief of Staff and before leaving, Ruth warns Eli regarding Peter’s continuing viability as a Governor.