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To make it up to him, Zack and Cody tutor Kirby so he can pass his high school equivalency exam and earn a promotion. Get used to it. Meanwhile, Zack tries to hang out with Cody and Bailey, much to their annoyance, so to get him off their back, they invite Woody to hang out with Zack for an upcoming Air Band contest. I love being with you, London. When the ship docks in Morocco , Cody wants to buy earrings for Bailey, but Zack insists he bargain with the cashier for a better price. You have a birthday? Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick. Brandon Ellison as Chefinator.

They each dream that they are the characters in classic fairy tales such as Snow White , Hansel and Gretel , and Jack and the Beanstalk. I have a feeling I can’t count that high. Now, it is up to Cody to save Zack and release the spirit from Bailey. But I need to learn everything about you. Moseby uses one of his exercising techniques to capture the escaped snakes. For once she actually remembered my birthday. I played it and dead fish rose to the surface.

Moseby very happy that he got a present from her because even his own mother forgot his birthday. As a result, London’s father, Mr.

Phill Lewis as Mr. And I’m gonna be right down the hall.

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That’s my little defensive driver. They can be pretty scary. Tipton is proud of London betraying him; it’s also revealed in this episode that he the suite life on deck the wrong stuff full episode never remember her unless they meet in person or she’s causing him trouble.

I played it and dead fish rose to the surface. To impress Bailey, Cody desperately tries to get tickets to the show, having claimed he knew Hannah from when she stayed in the Tipton hotel and ate cake off of Zack’s shirt.

Having broken up, Cody and Bailey lie about having dates to the dance, so they quickly try to find a backup date to back up their lie. It is later shown that the help center Moseby was calling was run by the Swami, who used an American accent. After graduation, Woody and Addison come out with yearbooks and the group shares their final moments together. Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey find it increasingly harder to spend time with each other.

However at the end when the kids are out of earshot, it is revealed that Miss Tutweiller was the showgirl because she was filling in for someone. London offers to take Bailey to Kettlecorn to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday, but when their blimp malfunctions they are forced to drive the rest of the way. When Zack the suite life on deck the wrong stuff full episode finds the crown of the ancient Princess Zaria, he takes credit for all the years of research Cody did, making Cody angry.

Meanwhile, London intimidates Bailey by bragging about her previous success in beauty pageants. Because, London, it’s customary when you buy someone a gift you get them something they would like.

Meanwhile, to distract the modeling agent from discovering the party, Woody pretends to be a lice model named Woodlander. It’s for everything the boys have broken since they’ve been onboard.

Moseby to kick off whoever was responsible for the mess. Zack shares a cabin with Bailey Debby Ryanwho is a neat freak. If it’s more hug coupons, I still haven’t used up last year’s. Tonight, you have got yourself a rock legend.

Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin Guest star: But dad told e;isode he met you at one of his concerts – when you flung your– – I never said that.

Meanwhile, Zack is in charge of the senior citizen’s activities and meets a passenger who is unwilling to participate in any of the activities. But you don’t fill anything. John Michael Higgins as Wilfred Tipton. Okay, it was me. I love being with me too. Moseby slips on the ice cream.

To solve the mystery of the sunken ship, with the help of Cody and Woody, he dives down to retrieve the captain’s compass. To make it up to him, Zack and Cody tutor Kirby so he can pass his high school equivalency exam and earn a promotion.

Moseby was always there for her when Mr. Zack makes multiple attempts to find something he wants to do and finally discovers that he enjoys playing pranks on other people. Meanwhile Marcus has been planning a rap musical.

Moseby blames Zack, while Max tries to impress London with his magical suitcase. Mom, we’re men now. You know, this has been the best visit ever.

The Suite Life on Deck – Season 1, Episode 17: The Wrong Stuff

I got idea when I saw these hug coupons in the garbage. But, when he becomes the center of attention, Bailey starts to get jealous and makes a plan with Woody to get him back. Blanket in order for them to learn to get along. This is only the second episode of the season in which Matthew Timmons does not appear as Woody. The whole gang ends up in London’s closet lifeboat and Woody accidentally sets them adrift. Meanwhile, Dante, the boy who stole Marcus’s the suite life on deck the wrong stuff full episode in Paris, stows away on board to have Marcus produce his next album.

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