17 Jul 2018

Nevermind I found it. Wal t’s cancer comes back, and he returns to chemo. View all links 15 results. TV by the Numbers. WW needs to kill him asap, he is a liability. The Walking dead, 7.

Guess he’s too young to realize the opportunity he gave up. Maybe I am reaching. Can’t wait for next week Jesse’s acting weird lately. Though that guy did look like he was up to something. You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?

Too bad the premiere was pushed back. Season 4 – show episodes. If it was the priest than it’s still Terrible Trevor’s fault.

Pinkman is a useless piece of shit. Put it on Putlocker plz.

View all search results for this episode 22 results. While he recuperates, Hank demands that all the materials on the Gus Fring case be brought to his house for review. The hopeful among us continue to yearn.

He also discovers a tracking device on his car, leading to an explosive confrontation with Hank. Again, was it sincere?

BREAKING BAD Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: “Confessions” Starring Bryan Cranston | Collider

Jesse returns to Saul’s office and physically attacks him, holding him at gunpoint and demanding to know about his role in Brock’s poisoning. Sooooooooooooooo now we are using the cancer thing, dear Walt? A hell of a serie with an atonishing end. The rest of us are using this site because we enjoy these show, while a few others are so pathetic tv muse breaking bad season 5 episode 11 can’t be satisfied unless they mess with other people.

Also, his White Power Uncle is terrifying.

Not sure what Walt should do but. Got through all of “Lost” the second time around attempting to watch it.

BREAKING BAD Recap: “Confessions”

The walking dead is awesome and actually my favorite series, but if we’re being realistic, Breaking bad is fantastic in every aspect, and overall much better than TWD. Send comment Login or registration required before posting comments. I was a little worried when Hule first when into Walt’s money room that he might try to steal it but Scrooge McDucking it was fine.

O my GOSH people!!!!!

Anyone rooting for Daniel Hardman to win? Then had to wait for final episodes just like everyone else. I was on the edge of my seat not tv muse breaking bad season 5 episode 11 attention to the time left and seriously!!! Lost, the one and only within its genre. Also, Marie’s purple is getting out of control. I hate having to wait for the next episode!

I guess, that make you the N- word huh. You just can’t trust those kiddie diddlers. Why is this the last season?

None the less, it’s getting really interesting. While Jesse is waiting for the van that will relocate him, he notices the pot is gone, and suddenly realizes that Huell must have pick-pocketed it as well as the ricin cigarette that he previously believed Gus used to poison Brock.

It’s tiring when people underestimate Harvey like he’s just some ambulance chaser rather than one of the youngest guys to have him name on a top law firm.

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Has been hidden for seasons now. Can’t wait for next week The Whites try to convince the Schraders to keep their sezson out of the situation, but the Schraders refuse to comply; Marie even states bluntly that Walt should kill himself to end it all.